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       Urban Landscape Pros has teamed up with a couple of the valleys premium tree care specialists. Our partners strive to give you the highest level of care and treatment, no matter what kind of tree services you need. Our goal is to create a safe and unique environment that enhances your outdoor property.

       The professional tree surgeons,  are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in the Phoenix valley. They are experts in removing dead wood and creating a healthy growing environment to protect your landscape’s most valuable assets.

       Services offered are a full spectrum of tree care needs including: Pruning,  Removals,  Storm Damage Emergencies,  Monsoon Preparation,  Deep Root Fertilization,  Insect and Disease Treatment,  Olive Fruit Inhibitor Application.  We take pride in our "Root-to-Crown" tree care.


Typically, we advise that you prune your trees every one to two years, and deep root fertilize twice annually to ensure strong, beautiful, healthy trees and a lush landscape.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Thinning for light and air penetration
Insect treatment
Disease treatment
Characteristic shape restoration

Visual clearance
Thinning to allow more filtered sunlight 
Storm damage correction
Sucker growth removal

Roof clearance
Preventative storm thinning
Utility line clearance
Dead and broken limb removal

Common Terminology

Commonly practiced to clear sidewalks, roads and/or buildings from low-hanging, obtrusive branches. We refer to this practice as “raising and balancing the canopy  of the tree.”

Removal of all dead, diseased and broken branches from the tree’s canopy. This becomes very common during the summer monsoon season if trees were not properly pruned before.

Reducing the overall size of a tree’s canopy pruning. Crown reduction is done for a variety of reasons; one of the most important is to alleviate unnecessary weight from the canopy of the tree.

Removal of small branches throughout the interior of a tree. Thinning reduces “windsail” and weight that might otherwise contribute to a tree’s uprooting. Another advantage of thinning is to allow more filtered sunlight to the yard.

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